Vigilance: an answer to your dental problems

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Teeth are considered non-living by some of us, and we may take our general health very seriously, but when it comes to dental health, we ignore the subject. Tooth are causing trouble all the time, and the reasons may range from simple eating habits or brushing techniques to smoking habits. But we only rush to our dentist when we find ourselves in hot water and at that time your dentist may control the crisis or he may fail. You, on the other hand, can save yourself a lot of trouble by being vigilant and careful.

There are some dental issues which you should keep track of and contact your dentist. One such problem is tooth decay. It occurs when bacteria in plaque settles on the teeth. It causes the production of acids which then starts decay of teeth. The problem may be prevalent in people who consume more sugar than others. By being careful with what you eat you can ensure safety from decaying teeth.

Bacterial infection brought due to the accumulation of plaque in the mouth can cause Gum Diseases. The bacteria will eat away the gum tissue that holds the teeth causing loosening of teeth. During the initial phase of the disease, the symptoms can still be reversed with proper dental care. Consult your dentist immediately. If there is no proper care, it will lead to root infection. If that is left untreated, it will damage the pulp tissue and tooth structure and cause an infection in the cavity.

Another problem is the dry mouth. The condition is known as xerostomia. It is due to the lack of saliva in the mouth. The cause is the side effect of taking prescription medicine. This may not look like such a big issue, but this condition robs your mouth from the essential moisture and lubrication it needs to perform and cleansing since saliva is antibacterial in its nature. It also washes away residual plaque from the teeth. Older patients on prescription medicine are at greater risk for this disease. Unfortunately, there is no direct cure for this unless you stop taking prescription medicine which in itself may cause bigger issues.

The main problem is oral cancer. This is mostly caused by smoking, so the best you can do is to stop smoking and also check your alcohol consumption. Giving up smoking will dramatically decrease your chances of getting a mouth cancer. In severe condition, the mouth cancer leads to death.

All these diseases can be avoided by being vigilant about your oral health and consulting your dentist at regular instances.

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Vigilance: an answer to your dental problemsunratedBashar Ahmedo, DDS2017-08-31 05:42:36Teeth are considered non-living by some of us, and we may take our general health very seriously, but when it comes to dental health, we ignore the su…